July 2013

Mark Staudt, Ph.D.

Mark is a Licensing Associate at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). Often termed Technology Transfer, this field involves working with professors and other campus inventors to determine the best commercial path forward for their technology. Frequently this involves some type of intellectual property (IP) protection, which is most often secured in the form of a patent.

Dr. Frank Bosmans

A crucial aspect of setting up a lab is hiring the right people. I imagine this being the case with pretty much any start-up venture, yet having recently left the postdoc community myself, the task is more daunting than expected. First, personnel represent a large financial commitment.

Dr. Jenifer Prosperi

When looking for a postdoctoral fellow for my laboratory, I would envision an individual who would be a leader in the lab. A postdoc is someone who can stimulate scientific discussions, actively engage in the bench-work, teach others experimental design and analysis, write papers and grants, and present the findings of their research. I think a postdoc helps establish the flow of the lab, both personally and scientifically.

Dr. Patrick Sheets

A talented and motivated post-doc is invaluable to a PI. Post-docs already have some experience in designing and performing experiments. He/she also has been exposed to scientific writing and figure design. Plus, post-docs are not pulled away from the laboratory by classes or exams. If the means are available, PIs are always looking for good post-docs (as I am right now…..). Dr.

Dr. Jill Wildonger

I believe that a successful lab has a mix of people who share complementary interests and take creative approaches to scientific questions using a combination of techniques. In my own experience, I’ve found that interacting with lab members with different research strengths and scientific perspectives has fueled my own projects and ideas.

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