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  • Industry Postdoc Positions at Proteovista

    Proteovista LLC
    Industrial Post-doc Positions

    Proteovista LLC is a small company located in Madison, WI that is focused on technology development using microarrays, microfluidics, and high throughput sequencing. Candidates who can switch between multiple projects and adapt to new lines of research will be most highly considered. In particular, the candidate must be able to work independently, trouble-shoot problems using innovative solutions, learn new experimental techniques as needed, and design experiments to achieve project goals.

    Candidates are required to have a PhD in a biological sciences field and a strong publication record. The preparation and submission of publications will be an important part of the candidate’s job responsibilities. The candidate will have opportunities to present their research at national meetings. For candidates interested in an eventual role in academics, training in grant preparation and submission is available. For candidates interested in careers in industry, training in entrepreneurship and company development is available. The position is guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

    Molecular Biology Position:

    The candidate is required to have expertise in molecular cloning techniques and protein expression. Experience with cell culture, reporter assays, chromatin immunoprecipitation, and large datasets is preferred. The ideal candidate will also have experience performing electrophoretic mobility shift assays and quantitative PCR.

    Assay Development Position:

    The candidate is required to have expertise in developing new technologies, preferably high throughput in nature. Experience performing microarray assays, high throughput screening, next generation sequencing / analysis, and fluorescence polarization / fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FP / FRET) techniques is preferred. The ideal candidate will also have a strong knowledge of computer programming, statistics, and HTS instrumentation.

    Please send CV and cover letter as a pdf to: cwarren@proteovista.com

  • Global Academy Jobs

    GlobalAcademyJobs has been launched to help organisations across the world access global pools of talent for their recruitment needs. We specialise in vacancies in the academic and research sector, at every stage of the academic career path, from post doc and research positions, to lecturer jobs, professorial appointments and president/vice chancellor roles.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow Positions Available | Neuroscience


    We are seeking a full-time postdoctoral fellow with expertise in brain slice electrophysiology to participate in research projects addressing synaptic defects in animal models of autism and mechanisms underlying neuronal death in clinically-relevant animal models of ischemic stroke. Our laboratory uses a wide array of approaches including, but not limited to, molecular genetics, epigenetics, epigenome-wide assays, calcium imaging and whole-cell patch clamp recording of dissociated neurons and acute brain slices.
    The candidate should have (or be close to completing) a Ph.D. in Neurobiology or a closely-related field. Experience in electrophysiology, imaging and mouse models is highly desired but not required. Interested applicants should e-mail an updated CV and a brief cover letter with contact information for three references to Suzanne Zukin (suzanne.zukin@einstein.yu.edu)
    Our laboratory is in the Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience  at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, located in New York City. Great housing opportunities are available to postdoctoral fellows. More Information can be found at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine website.

    Areas of research

    There are four major lines of ongoing research in the Zukin lab. First, we are studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate the properties of NMDA receptor expression at synapses. We discovered that the switch in NMDA receptor phenotype at hippocampal synapses during postnatal brain development is controlled by epigenetic remodeling and can be modified by adverse experience. Depriving pups of maternal access for brief periods of time during the first postnatal week disrupts activation of the gene silencing transcription factor REST, REST-dependent epigenetic remodeling and switch in NMDA receptor phenotype. Objectives are to identify the impact on synaptic efficacy and cognition. These findings have striking implications for treatment of anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other disorders associated with early maternal separation.
    Second, we are studying mechanisms that underlie the neuronal death associated with stroke and epilepsy. Our recent discovery that REST is activated in differentiated neurons during normal postnatal development and in adult neurons in response to neuronal insults. Upon activation, REST orchestrates epigenetic remodeling of neuronal genes. A key event is silencing of the gene encoding the AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit. This is significant in that GluA2-lacking AMPA receptors are permeable to calcium. We are investigating the impact of altered AMPAR subunit composition on functional properties by patch recording in brain slices.
    A third area of interest addresses estrogen neuroprotection in models of stroke. Our recent finding that a single, acute injection of estrogen given after the ischemic event affords robust neuroprotection and ameliorates cognitive deficits underscores the clinical relevance of this research. We recently identified the JAK/STAT3 pathway and its target survivin as key to estrogen protection. Objectives are to identify the impact of estrogen on synaptic efficacy and plasticity. Our interest stems from data that estrogen may reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke in humans.
    A fourth area of interest is that of RNA trafficking and targeting to dendrites in a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome. We use high resolution imaging of individual mRNA molecules (in collaboration with the Singer lab) and electrophysiology to examine the impact of loss of FMRP on synaptic function and plasticity. Objectives are to identify novel signaling cascades critical to the defects in synaptic function and spine structure. We believe that understanding mechanisms responsible for abnormal function at the synapse will advance novel therapeutic strategies to ameliorate cognitive deficits in Fragile X and unlock doors for treating other autism spectrum disorders.

    Positions for post-doctoral fellows are available in all four areas of the laboratory's research. Independent researchers and ideas are welcome, while well-defined and achievable projects are waiting for motivated, young investigators.

  • Nature News Internship : Washington, DC, United States

    Nature Magazine is soliciting applications for its full-time, paid, news-writing internship in its Washington DC office, just a few blocks from the White House. Our interns are treated like staff reporters. They travel for stories and write for both the website and print magazine. Top candidates will have a strong background in both science and journalism, and should demonstrate a desire to pursue hard-nosed news stories. The internship is for 6 months beginning 3 March, 2014. Applicants must have an existing right to live and work in the United States. Please send a cover letter, resume and three clips to US News Editor Eric Hand at e.hand@us.nature.com. Put “internship application” in the subject line. Application deadline is 14 October.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow Position Opening | Neuroscience

    We are seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Fellow to study neural circuits that regulate fear and pain. Our laboratory uses multi-faceted approach that includes slice electrophysiology, laser scanning photostimulation, and optogenetics to answer questions about the organization and function of fear and pain circuits in the mouse. We also want to understand the effects of stress-peptides on various subclasses of neurons within these circuits. Our future goal is to implement in-vivo manipulation of these circuits and observe changes in fear and/or pain behavior.

    Interested applicants should e-mail an updated CV and a brief cover letter with contact information for 3 references to Patrick Sheets (plsheets@iupui.edu). 

    Our lab is at Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend (http://medicine.iu.edu/southbend/) at the University of Notre Dame. Information about South Bend, Indiana can be found at http://www.ci.south-bend.in.us/ or http://365southbend.blogspot.com/. South Bend is 100 miles east of Chicago and a very short drive to Michigan's beautiful west coast on Lake Michigan.

    The candidate should have (or be close to completing) a Ph.D. in neuroscience, pharmacology or a related field.  Experience in electrophysiology is required. Experience in brain slice preparation, neuronal imaging, pharmacology, and MATLAB programming is preferred but not required. 

    Sheets_postdoc position.pdf
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Position Opening | Cancer Biology


    Postdoctoral position available immediately for research on breast cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic resistance.  Our laboratory utilizes in vitro and in vivo model systems to accelerate the development of better treatment strategies for breast cancer patients.

    Current projects include: studying how the tumor microenvironment influences gene expression changes, delineating signaling pathways responsible for breast tumor development, and elucidating factors or signals that are responsible for mediating chemoresistance. 


    Recent Ph.D. graduate (no more than one year of postdoc experience) in molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, cancer biology, or related field
    Productivity as demonstrated by publication record
    Excellent communication skills
    Ability to work independently and as part of a highly interactive team
    Well organized with the ability to maintain records accurately

    To apply, please submit a CV, the names of three references, and a cover letter describing research interests to:

    Jenifer Prosperi, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Indiana University School of Medicine – South Bend
    Harper Cancer Research Institute
    A134 Harper Hall
    1234 N. Notre Dame Avenue
    South Bend, Indiana 46617
    Email: jrprospe@iupui.edu        

    Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

    postdoc posting_Prosperi.pdf
  • Peer Review Opportunity with Rubriq

    Interested in gaining additional peer review experience? Consider joining the Rubriq reviewer network.

    Rubriq provides independent peer review of original research articles in all areas of biology and medical science for authors and journals. Build name recognition with journal editors, get advanced access to papers in your field, and receive $100 for completing the review. Reviewers are very closely matched to papers and are free to decline any review invitation. A terminal degree (PhD, DVM, MD, etc.) is required, as is an active academic appointment (post-docs are welcome). Find out more and apply at www.rubriq.com/reviewers. We are especially interested in reviewers with expertise in the fields of Immunology, Genetics, Genomics, Neuroscience, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology, but all interested parties are welcome as we continue to grow our service.

    Contact information: My name is Andrea Gossett, and I received my PhD in Biology from UNC in 2011. I currently work for Rubriq, a company that offers independent peer review. We are looking to expand our network of reviewers, and I wanted to see if you would be willing to send the brief blurb below about this opportunity to post-docs at your school. You can read more about Rubriq in the Nature News article about us that appeared earlier this year.

    If you or any of your post-docs have questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Best regards,
    Andrea Gossett, PhD
    Rubriq Operations Manager

  • Postdoctoral Teaching Opportunity with Biocore

    Announcement for 40% time Teaching Postdoc opportunity with Biocore for Fall 2013 
    Please share this announcement with interested individuals!

    Biocore Teaching Postdoc general responsibilities are:
    Team teach 2 sections of Biocore 302 (Ecology, Genetics and Evolution lab) in Fall 2013 and contribute to an education research project in Biocore. We are particularly interested in individuals who have broad disciplinary knowledge of the concepts taught in the course, who have participated in Delta and/or have had other professional development in teaching, and who have practical experiences in teaching process of science skills and/or scientific writing. This is a great opportunity for someone who is wanting to enrich their teaching portfolio, be a reflective practitioner, work with teaching mentors, work with motivated undergraduate students, and engage with a collaborative teaching/learning community in Biocore.
    Attached is a syllabus for Biocore 302. 

    Contact Janet Batzli (jcbatzli@wisc.edu) with your questions and to learn more. Please send a statement of interest along with a CV by June 26 (or sooner!). 


    Janet M. Batzli, PhD  
    Associate Director, Biology Core Curriculum* 
    Co-Director Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence Program*
    363 Noland Hall, 250 N. Mills * University of Wisconsin-Madison *
    Madison, WI 53706 * voice: 608-263-1594* Biocore Office: 608-265-2870*
    jcbatzli@wisc.edu* http://www.biocore.wisc.edu * https://tle.wisc.edu/mtle *

  • FluGen Postdoctoral Position | Immunology / Vaccinology

    Immunology / Vaccinology Postdoctoral Position

    A postdoctoral research scientist position in the area of viral vaccine immunology is available at FluGen, Inc. a start-up company in Madison, WI focused on improving the efficacy of vaccines.
    The successful candidate will participate in the design, development, and execution of scientific research projects critical to FluGen’s success. Emphasis will be on investigating the molecular basis of immunity of novel influenza vaccine candidates. Job candidates should have expertise in molecular virology and viral immunology and be proficient in using basic techniques in molecular biology and cell biology.

    The candidate should have a PhD degree in a related discipline with a strong background in immunology and/or virology. Capacity to work well independently as well as in a team is a must. The candidate will work closely with the CSO, be expected to supervise junior lab members and assist in activities and other research projects that progress company goals, including obtaining grant funding.
    Interested candidates should send a cover letter and curriculum vitae by e-mail to: info@flugen.com

    FluGen post-doc position.pdf
  • Postdoctoral Position | McPherson Eye Research Institute

    A postdoctoral position is immediately available to study the role of Inwardly rectifying potassium channel (Kir) in retina function.

    The project will employ electrophysiological analysis of Kir7.1 channel in vitro and in vivo using patch-clamp and electroretinogram recording to determine how mutant channel function can be restored. The project will utilize heterologous expression, primary cells, iPS-RPE cells and transgenic mouse. The position requires a PhD or MD with previous training in electrophysiological skills primarily in whole cell voltage clamp. Individuals without electrophysiological skills will not be considered. Prior knowledge of retina physiology is an advantage.

    Salary is competitive.

    To apply for this position, please send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and names of three references electronically to Bikash R. Pattnaik, PhD: bikashp@pediatrics.wisc.edu; http://vision.wisc.edu/people/pattnaik

    Bikash R. Pattnaik, PhD, Departments of Pediatrics and Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Meriter Hospital, 202 S. Park St., Madison WI 53715”

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